Our clan history began in early 2013. In the end of March the Trackmania Nascar Clan UNR// was disbanded due some internal clan issues. That was the reason why three former UNR// members (Pornostar (previous nick: Skrillex), Germany Fluff (previous nick: Flou) and Napfsülze) decided to built up a new nascar clan. With another friend (Steppi) they decided to set the name of the new clan to “Pedo” in honor of the “Pedobear” which was an internet hype at this time. In early August, right before our first nascar war vs BE (Brutal Electric) , Kommakla (a good friend of Steppi) joined our team. With a good team performance we were able to defeat BE clearly with more than 10 points ahead. For the rest of the year our team became more and more inactive. Finally in December 2014 we met some guys of the Legend team, which was a growing up Nascar clan. We drove nearly every day together and so we grew up a nice friendship with Legend. At this time, two new members joined our team: Germany Paxx and DasLetzte. In the end of January we finally made a friendly war against Legend which we lost very close. But even without the lost: It was one of the best wars and we had a lot of fun wink. Shortly after the war some of our members were confrontated by random trackmania players about our “Pedo” clan-name. Some of them said things like “Pedo your name is forbidden…”. We had some discussion after that and finally we decided to rename our team. We werent really creative to find a new name but a good friend of Germany Fluff was in a Call of Duty called FaZion which was already an inactive clan.

So on 5th February 2014 we decided to assume this name… this was the birth of FaZ!


At this point we were a team with a very communicative team and met us nearly every day in skype. The clan leaders at this time were Pornostar, Germany Paxx and Fluff. Now just one thing was missing: a server! But the good friendship to Legend and BW (Burning Wheels) solved this problem: The three clans opened a brand new 90k Server with very funny loadscreens. The server was very populated over few months. Also FaZ + Legend decided to make two wars together against BW, which was the strongest nascar team at this time. The first was a thriller, but we lost very close (with a difference of 1 point) against BW. The second war was a bit less exciting and BW won it clearly.
In April 2014 CrazyD, a former UNR// member who was inactive for 1 year, joined our team. One month later Germany Don Pirato (an ex Legend driver) joined FaZ!.
In the end of May 2014 we won a war against VSD , a new fresh trackmania nascar clan. But now a new problem came up: The Legend team became more and more inactive and also the 90k server. In June 2014 the server was closed and also Italy Exor from Team legend wasnt happy about the situation in his clan and so he decided to join FaZ!. He was a big help for us in the upcoming war vs Virtreal (which was a unknown team for us with very strong drivers). It was a very hard match but we were able to win this match with a score of 22:17 with a very strong performance on our own maps.
Now the summer break started in Trackmania and also a new member joined us at the end of august: Lordi, a good friend of our team, who was also in Team Legend before.
In October 2014 there was a sad moment for the trackmania community: Sven, the leader of BW , died unexpectly. This initiated the end of BW and the nascar community had one of their darkest hours.
At the end of November we had our rematch against VSD, which we also won, but not as clearly as the first match. One week later, on 4th December Germany Happy (and former BW member) and Germany Racerlight (an ex BW and Legend member) joined our team and we became stronger than ever before.
Two days later also not available Storm joined our team. “All good things come in threes” wasnt the right word for this, because 3 days after not available Storm joined, we got another new member: Suprime.
He was in VSD before and he instantly wanted to become our Webmaster. Until today he is the manager of our Youtube Channel, Homepage, Server and Wars. Sadly, in early 2015, Germany Paxx and DasLetzte left our team, but they are still good friends of our clan. After they left the clan, the members decided that Germany Fluff should take the lead of the clan, while Germany Happy became the new Co-Leader. In February 2015, Germany Aero (He was before in VSD) joined our team.
At the mid of march 2015 we decided to drive a funwar against PGG. PGG was the clear favourite, but they had big problems with our maps and we were able to beat them with a final score of 24-13.
Just a few weeks later the “Spring Nascar Cup” – a team nascar cup, was announced. FaZ! decided to take part in it, and we were drawed in a group with PGG, Triforce and PNE2. Sadly we lost our first match vs PGG, but we were able to defeat the other two teams and so we took the second place in group. In the Round of 8 we had to drive against DGF. Our team did a great performance and we beat DGF with a final score of 26-6. Our semi-final opponent was one of the Cup favourites: UC (Undercover Gamers). It was a very hard match for us and UC beat us with a total score of 28-9. But the cup was not over: we still had the match for the third place against PNE. We thought that it will be a very close match, but our performance against PNE was way better than against UC: We defeated PNE with an unexpected clear score of 28-9 and so we took a very nice third place in the Spring Nascar Cup!
But PNE wanted a small revanche: We decided to make a fun war at early June 2015. At the match date, PNE revealed us that they have not enough drivers, and so we drove a 4v4 which resulted in the best possible result: 30:0 for FaZ!. Also during this match we revealed our newest member: Regenherz! She also drove the last map vs PNE for us and showed a great performance!
In July 2015 Germany Fluff and Germany Racerlight were able to take 1st and 2nd place in the Grand Final of the “Weekly Nascar Event” by Jonny.
Now the Summer break started, but the next event was also announced: The PrimeTimeCup hosted by Austria Suprime and FaZ!. It started in early September with the qualification. 45 Players were qualified for the group stage. Our members showed that we are a very strong team: Germany Happy and not available Storm reached the round of Top 16, not available Germany Regenherz and Lordi the quarterfinal, Germany Racerlight took the 4th place and Germany Fluff became 2nd. On 9th October 2015 Steak joined our team!

Today we are a clan with 10 active and very motivated members!