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Mappack 5 70
Mappack 6 63
Mappack1 ptc17 >> No Name #2 by Italy Exor 
ptc17 >> Get 3 Loopzzz by Gunz
ptc17 >> Right Turn Clyde by Germany Fluff 
ptc17 >> Left the Night by Germany Fluff 
ptc17 >> Rumble by Caylimio/ ZaZepp
ptc17 >> City Ring by Happy

First match (with this mappack): No Name #2, Get 3 Loopzzz, Right Turn Clyde, Left the Night, Rumble
2nd match: No Name #2, Get 3 Loopzzz, Right Turn Clyde, Left the Night, City Ring
We play Rounds mode in this two matches! … 6 rounds per Map… after each map you get points for your position. At the end these points count.
Mappack2 ptc17 >> Blurred Lines by Happy
ptc17 >> Red Alligator by Dopamine
ptc17 >> soEZ by Truorex
ptc17 >> Vampire Fiction by Fluff
ptc17 >> Noname by Exor
ptc17 >> Melodic Round by Steak

Important information for the 2nd Mappack:

First week (1.10.2017-7.10.2017)
Endurance: Red Alligator, Vampire Fiction
Rounds: Blurred Lines, Melodic Round, soEZ,

Second week (8.10.2017-14.10.2017)
Endurance: Blurred Lines, Melodic Round,
Rounds: Red Alligator, Vampire Fiction, No Name
Mappack3 ptc17 >> Prototype by Fluff
ptc17 >> Fooled Again by Fluff
ptc17 >> - - - | | | by Happy
ptc17 >> Zewostorm by ZaZepp
ptc17 >> Nascar NoxNebula by ZaZepp
ptc17 >> Shredder by Dopamine

Important information for the 3rd Mappack:

First week (15.10.2017-21.10.2017):
Rounds: Nascar NoxNebula
Endurance: Shredder, --- | | |,
Time Attack: Fooled Again, Prototype,

Second week (22.10.2017-28.10.2017):
Rounds: Shredder
Endurance: Fooled Again, Prototype,
Time Attack: Zewostorm, --- | | |,
Mappack4 First week (29.10.2017-04.11.2017):
TA: Event Manager
Rounds: Chaos, Vroom
Endurance: Hakuna Matata, Tunnel of Illusion

Second week (05.11.2017-11.11.2017):
TA: Hakuna Matata
Rounds: Event Manager, Tunnel of Illusion
Endurance: Erode, Chaos

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